Wedding Fashion Trends Around the World

In recent years, I’ve seen more brides opting for shorter veils they only wear for the ceremony and photos instead of floor-length cathedral varieties.


The long veils are a bit impractical — they’re hard to keep on throughout the day and they drag the floor, which can be a hazard.

In Roman times, veils were worn by brides to shield off evil forces and weigh them down so they couldn’t run away. Eventually, the tradition stuck, and veils became a common wedding accessory.

But as wedding dresses are becoming more stylish and funky, brides seem more willing to part ways with extravagant veils.

High-low dresses aren’t as convenient as you might think.

bride in a high-low dress fixing her veil

There’s a way to achieve this stylish look without being weighed down. Russell Monk/Getty Images

Over the past 10 years, a wedding-dress style I’ve seen quite a bit is the high-low tulle look. Many brides chose the twist on a long formal gown because they thought it’d make it easier to walk around and dance in.

But the dress can be quite heavy to wear because of the many layers of fabric. And since the back is so long, I found that it often drags on the floor and gets stepped on by guests.

Instead, consider doing a removable train that you can attach to the back of the dress. That way, you can have the style for the ceremony and photos and remove the train for your reception.

Mermaid dresses can make even the simplest tasks much more difficult.

bride and groom walking on wedding day

Mermaid dresses are gorgeous, but they make bathroom breaks a struggle. Ana Iacob Photography/Shutterstock

As a hired bridesmaid, every two or three hours, I help my brides use the bathroom in their wedding dress, usually by lifting the skirt of the dress up and over the toilet or their head.

One silhouette that’s been popular over the past few years, but is very problematic when it comes to going to the bathroom, is the mermaid dress.

Because it’s so formfitting, you may have to fully remove it when going to the bathroom. Plus, many of my clients complained that they couldn’t sit down comfortably or dance the night away because the dress was so tight.

Your bridesmaid dresses don’t have to match.

bridesmaid standing in a line at a wedding ceremony

It’s understandable to want uniformity, but it’s also important that your bridesmaids feel good in their dresses. nadtochiy/Shutterstock

At most of the weddings I’ve worked, the bridal party was told they had to all wear the same dress — or a similar dress in the same style and color.

Oftentimes, this can make bridesmaids frustrated or insecure if they didn’t have a say in the style, especially if they had to shell out the money for it.

I know a lot of couples ask their bridesmaids to match so the color-scheme and coordinated styles look good in pictures, but you can still take their preferences into consideration.

If you want to keep control over the color scheme, that’s okay, but let your bridesmaids make the decision about the style, fabric, and price.

Your photos will look even better if everyone in the bridal party is wearing something that makes them feel confident.

There’s no need to layer up with a five-piece tux.

groom in a tuxedo

It’s important that everyone is as comfortable as possible on the big day, including the groom. OlegBlokhin/Shutterstock

When it comes to groom styles, unless you’re dressing for a black-tie or very formal wedding, it’s time to ditch the five-piece tuxedos and suits.

With so many layers, these ensembles can be uncomfortable and look a bit dated. Instead, consider a suit that just comes with pants, a jacket, and a tie.

A simpler look can still be traditional, fancy, and stylish. Plus, it’ll probably feel less like you’re wearing a costume.

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