Fashioning glamour on birds

The phenomenon of “fashioning glamour on birds” refers to the unique display of feathers and plumage that many bird species exhibit, particularly during breeding season. Male birds, in particular, often use their bright and colorful feathers as a way to attract mates and establish dominance over other males.



This display of feathers and plumage is a form of natural fashion that has fascinated humans for centuries. In fact, many fashion designers and artists have drawn inspiration from bird feathers, using them in their designs and creations.


Feathers have been used in fashion and art for thousands of years, with evidence of feather adornment found in ancient Egyptian and Native American cultures. In more recent times, feathers have been used in high fashion designs, such as feathered dresses, hats, and accessories.

However, the use of bird feathers in fashion has been controversial, particularly when it comes to endangered bird species. Many organizations and individuals have advocated for the protection of birds and the ban of using their feathers in fashion and commercial purposes.

Despite this controversy, the phenomenon of “fashioning glamour on birds” continues to be a source of fascination and inspiration for many people. The beauty and intricacy of bird feathers continue to capture our imagination and inspire new creations in fashion, art, and design.

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